Consider what approach to collaboration will best fits your way of working, and Dive Studios can make it happen. Whether you seek on-set support, supervised sessions, or remote collaboration, Dive offers services on-site, or out-of-sight. We provide real-time collaboration via live streaming and video chat, you can pop into the “virtual room” without leaving the office. Even with partners in NYC, LA, PDX, and NOLA, we may be in different time zones so let’s take our office to the cloud for reliable and secure file-sharing. We maximize our flexibility and workflows, so you get the best people for every job.


Creative Editorial

We know how to engage audiences and communicate amazing stories in a limited amount of time. Broadcast, web, social, or any other platform, it’s about connecting and telling a story.

Post Producing

We can pop on your creative team - guiding your project through all stages of the post production. Logistics, specs, deadlines – we operate with poise, confidence, and the professionalism you expect.

Motion Graphics

Add gravity to a video campaign with motion graphics and design assets. We can give you a custom look or seamlessly integrate with your style guide.


Sound and music can transform a project. Without adding a new invoice, Dive Studios partners with audio engineers & composers to provide sound design, mix, voice-over, licensed or original music.


Clean it up! We offer a variety of ways to enhance or tidy up your shots (e.g. sky replace, rig removal, set extension, logo scrubbing, dust busting, screen inserts, and other VFX)

Color Grading

The mood and texture of a video is greatly enhanced by harmonizing all the colors and elements. We can also relight shots and make your talent look amazing with some beauty work. Let’s finish it.